The Revenue Engine with Sasha Berson

In this episode, Alay and Sasha discuss: 

  • Why marketing is key to your business success. 
  • Your firm’s five major systems. 
  • How to get good leads. 
  • How much time it takes for successful digital marketing. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • The riches are in the niches, you cannot do everything and expect to find success. 
  • To build a large, successful law firm, you need to have systems that run your firm successfully. You cannot do it all yourself. 
  • For different pains, you need different answers. When looking for a consultant, you need to find a person or firm who can help answer the pains you are having. 
  • You need to understand where your marketing money is going to understand how to make it work best for you as you build your revenue engine. 

Tweetable Moments:

  • “One thing that I quickly learned was that our personal fortunes were tightly connected to how well our marketing department performed.” —  Sasha Berson
  • “Client acquisition is sales.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “Those of us who did become successful were due to developing the following: number one business acumen, and number two, a revenue agent, which consists of marketing and sales. If you’re lacking either one of those, you’re not going to grow.” —  Sasha Berson
  • “Relationships are amazing. I love them. We all love them. But you can only have so many. And when you have other clients coming in through something that’s actually scalable, that’s how you get to have freedom in your firm and how you get to really enjoy being a real business owner.” —  Alay Yajnik


About Sasha Berson:

Serial entrepreneur with a twenty-plus year track record, advisor to numerous law firm owners, best-selling co-author with Steve Forbes.  Among early successes, Sasha co-founded the nation’s fifteenth-largest wholesale lending operation (over $5B in funding).  

Now, focused exclusively on helping 2,000 small law firm owners double revenue in 3 years or less.


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