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Justin Fok - headshot
For any attorney or firm who is looking to take your practice to the next level, look no further than Lawyer Business Advantage. They have been a wonderful resource for me and my firm in all aspects of running a law practice. They have provided us with the coaching and the tools we need to improve our hiring, employee retention, cost efficiency, and growth strategies along with many other aspects of managing our practice. If you are ready to finally understand what is holding your firm back and are ready to grow your practice, bring Lawyer Business Advantage on board – you will not regret it.
Justin Fok, Lead Attorney at Fok Immigration Law
Mika Domingo - headshot
I highly recommend the Lawyer Business Advantage program. I was able to significantly grow my revenue, take more time off, and overhaul my marketing as well as improve how I ran the practice. I received a big return on my investment of money and time, and really enjoyed the coaching as well as the lawyer-to-lawyer community.
Mika Domingo, Founder, MS Domingo Law Group
Saja Raoof - headshot
One of the best favors you can do for your law practice is to work with Lawyer Business Advantage. They guide you through everything law school didn’t teach you but you need to know to run a successful law office. They’re an outstanding resource on how to hone your time management skills, fine-tune your business strategy, attract quality clients, and develop other components of a successful legal practice. Lawyer Business Advantage challenges you to venture outside what most lawyers imagine as the only lifestyle our careers demand, one of inevitable reactivity and perpetual stress. Talk to them to gain healthier business practices, a more rewarding professional life and more client satisfaction.
Saja Raoof, Attorney at Law
Ivette Santaella - headshot
Lawyer Business Advantage has helped turn our law practice into a business. They have dedicated a great deal of time and energy helping 3 women lawyers learn how to market, strategize, plan and manage a business to make us more successful. We highly recommend Lawyer Business Advantage to any attorney who is starting out a business or who needs help growing their business.
Ivette Santaella, Partner at Santaella & Jahangiri
HL - headshot
I highly recommend Lawyer Business Advantage to other solo and small firm attorneys. Alay understands the challenges we face, and has a range of solutions to fit different attorneys and different goals. Since working with Alay, my monthly revenue has grown significantly and I am well on my way to having my best year ever. We were able to achieve these results without being overwhelmed or overloaded. Not only is he a knowledgable business expert, but he cares about my success and acts as my personal board of directors.
H.L., Attorney at Law
lubna jahangiri - headshot
Alay is an experienced and competent business coach. He is naturally insightful with a laser sharp understanding of the issues faced by most small business owners. His Lawyer Business Advantage techniques have helped me grow my business, stay focused, manage my time and organize my schedule. He is dedicated to his clients and passionate about helping businesses achieve their highest potential. He is wise and trustworthy. I highly recommend Lawyer Business Advantage.
Lubna Jahangiri, Partner at Santaella & Jahangiri
sara raymond - headshot
I’ve recently completed Lawyer Business Advantage’s business development course. It was engaging and really fueled the fire I need to make my business grow. I’ve had some of my best months financially since beginning this work, and the clients have been flowing in. I feel that the investment (both of time and money) was well worth it. I look forward to seeing what more comes of working with Lawyer Business Advantage.
Sara Raymond, Principal at Law Office of Sara E. Raymond
jay-roadarmel - headshot
Alay, thank you for your web course. The content was excellent and helped me determine the key strategies and tactics needed to grow my law practice. My revenues are up substantially. More importantly, I’m confident I have the plan needed to grow my practice while maintaining the excellent service my clients have come to expect.
Jay Roadarmel, Attorney at Law
terry-church - headshot
I am a solo practitioner in the East Bay. I have been working with Alay Yajnik since I started my practice over two years ago, and his advice and support have been invaluable in facilitating the growth and success of my practice. Recently, I attended Lawyer Business Advantage’s all-day Strategic Marketing Workshop in San Francisco. The Workshop was extremely useful in enabling me to focus on defining goals for my practice and articulating the steps necessary to achieve them. Not only are the materials useful, but they are supported by Alay’s patient and supportive approach. I will continue to work with Alay, and strongly encourage others to do the same. We all need to be reminded of what is important in our lives and practices, and to have an opportunity to focus on the planning necessary to achieve a health balance. Lawyer Business Advantage’s program and approach have been invaluable in enabling me to do that. I can recommend their services without reservation.
Terry Church, Experienced Business, IP Licensing & Contract Attorney
Deidre-Von-Rock - headshot
Alay’s presentation on growing a law firm was very insightful and filled with specific guidance and direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Alay to an attorney seeking advice on further developing business.
Deidre Von Rock, Legal Advisor to California Businesses and Family Estates
Kathleen-Kass-Day-Seiter - headshot
I attended Alay’s Strategic Workshop this past week which was fantastic! Alay worked us through our vision, our motivations, and how to attract and keep great clients. He provided hands on tips one can incorporate immediately into practice for keeping organized and on point which allow an attorney to be more productive, increase profits, and have more personal time away from the office. Alay’s personal style is friendly and engaging. I would recommend this workshop to any attorney – it is money well spent!
Kathleen (Kass) Day-Seiter, Elder Law Attorney and Geriatric Social Worker
patricia-de-fonte - headshot

I saw Alay speak at the Attorney Action Club many months ago. The 20 minute exercise he had us do that day had an immediate impact on my business practices and lowered my business owner blood pressure. When he announced an all day workshop, I think I was the first to sign up. It is hard to make time to stop and think about the business side of a law practice – it is not what gets me up in the morning and I would rather practice law and be with my clients than address processes and infrastructure. Alay’s workshop showed me that I am leaving substantial amounts of money on the table through my inefficiencies. Lawyers are not trained to run businesses – it does not come naturally to most of us. Alay understands the way we operate. At the end of the workshop I had a concrete one-page business strategy to decrease inefficiencies and leverage my networks to increase revenue. I have already begun implementing the strategies and tactics he taught us. I encourage any attorney who running, or thinking of running, their own practice to attend one of Alay’s workshops.

Patricia De Fonte, Estate Planning Attorney at De Fonte Law
vicki-chen - headshot
I attended Alay’s Lawyer Up Workshop and would highly recommend it. As someone without much time, his fast-paced workshop was extremely effective at building a strategic plan and marketing plan in one day. He is an engaging, thought-provoking trainer who focused each of us on our unique strengths. I took away many gold nuggets of information that inspired me to make immediate changes. I would highly recommend working with Alay.
Vicki Chen, Human Resources Director & Legal Administrator
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