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Personalized One-On-One coaching
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Use our proprietary Law Firm Success Path to increase your income,
time off, and happiness

Proven Success Through Personalized One-on-One Coaching

Our passion is working with you to implement business best practices into your law firm, so that you can achieve Law Firm Success:
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Results you
can count on.

Annual revenue growth of law
firms in our program
1 %
Average weeks of vacation
taken by our clients in one year
1 +
Each Certified Practice Advisor’s
years of business experience
1 +

Running your own law firm should give you freedom:

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Our Process:
The Law Firm Success Path

Use our proprietary Law Firm Success Path to increase your income,
time off, and happiness. The seven steps are:

Gap Analysis of Your Practice

Getting clear on the practice you want tells you what changes to make

Learn the 5 Levers
of Profits

Focus on the 5 Levers of Profits to grow your firm’s profitability.

Re-allocate Your Time

When you’re out of time, it’s time
to change.


Align Your Marketing Efforts

Strategy that fails starts with marketing. Strategy that succeeds starts with messaging.

Systems Set You Free

Systems scale your excellence.

Leverage Your Team

You can’t build a great firm with an average team

Create Your Future

Your firm is a reflection of you. To grow your firm, you need to grow.

What Our Clients Say

Vicki Chen

vicki-chen - headshot

I attended Alay’s Lawyer Up Workshop and would highly recommend it. As someone without much time, his fast-paced workshop was extremely effective at building a strategic plan and marketing plan in one day.

Human Resources Director & Legal Administrator

Patricia De Fonte

patricia-de-fonte - headshot

I saw Alay speak at the Attorney Action Club many months ago. The 20 minute exercise he had us do that day had an immediate impact on my business practices and lowered my business owner blood pressure.

Patricia De Fonte, Estate Planning Attorney at De Fonte Law

Deidre Von Rock

Deidre-Von-Rock - headshot

Alay’s presentation on growing a law firm was very insightful and filled with specific guidance and direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Alay to an attorney seeking advice on further developing business.

Legal Advisor to California Businesses and Family Estates

Our Method: One on One Coaching

Learning from video courses is a waste of your time. Group courses often miss the mark.
Your personal Certified Practice Advisor provides

In addition to your Practice Advisor, you will have access to our library of “how to” resources available exclusively to our members.

Law Firm Success Group is designed to be the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way for members to overcome their business challenges and achieve their goals.

Starting at $975 per month

Speaking & Keynotes

Solo & small law firm growth is about freedom, not just money.Take law firm growth to the next level

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Law Firm Succes Group growth insights have been featured in

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Alay Yajnik is an expert on law firm growth. He has run a $100MMbusiness and built a $5MM business from the ground up. He has worked with dozens of smalllaw firm owners across the country to make more money, work fewer hours, and spend moretime doing the things they love. He wrote the first book on hiring best practices for law firms:Staffing Up: The Attorney’s Guide to Hiring Top Talent. ​With an MBA in Finance and Marketingand over 17 years of experience running professional service organizations, Alay is highlyregarded by owners and partners of small law firms. As a law firm growth expert, Alay is thefounder of Law Firm Success Group where he teaches the owners of small law firms to increasetheir income and take more time off by incorporating business best practices into their law firms.
Alay works with every new keynote client to create a highly customized version of hispresentation. However, below are some of his most frequently requested speaking programs.
Staffing Up Book

Popular Speaking Programs

5 Reasons You Should Book Alay Yajnik as Your Next Practice Management Speaker



Your audience will be challenged. Alay provides fresh original concepts that theycan immediately apply to their work and personal lives. Alay will present eloquentand precise ideas that are rooted in deep data-driven expertise andknowledgeable actual experience that will expand the thinking of your audience.


Your audience will be motivated. Alay introduces simple yet powerful principlesand frameworks that are truly useful. He creates a distinct energy and brings afresh perspective that your audience will remember far beyond his time at yourevent. They will walk out of the room ready to do the hard work that is necessaryto succeed.


Your audience will be engaged. Alay has a unique and caring style thatincorporates compelling stories with insightful content. His honesty, sincerity andwillingness to interact with the audience ensures that his audience remainscaptivated.


Your audience will be refreshed. Alay is a connoisseur of ideas who will you thevital few concepts that are most relevant to you. He will spend time learningabout your organization beforehand and will incorporate elements that show howhe was a hand-selected part of your team. Alay and his team are experienced,professionals and are easy to work with.


Your audience will be activated. Alay has the distinct ability to call people toaction. He will leave them feeling renewed and energized to go out and actuallyexecute on what needs to be done. You will see people executing on and talkingabout his principles long after he is gone.

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