The Power of Process with Brad Herda

In this episode, Alay and Brad discuss: 

  • Best practices from the manufacturing sector that apply to law firms. 
  • Why the billable rate is the wrong metric to focus on when looking at growth. 
  • Defining success to ensure successful staff. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Focus on a happy customer and everything else will take care of itself. Take care of the client first. 
  • The process does not need to change, even if the scope of the work changes. 
  • There is a big difference between process and work instructions. Create the process and allow your team to write the work instructions.
  • Multigenerational industries and workplaces are not going away any time soon. 


Tweetable Moments:

  • “Billable hours are a lagging indicator of your business. It’s not going to tell you how your business is going to go; it’s telling you how your business has done.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “Focus on the greatness and go forward from that and not worry about ‘I can be everything to everyone.’ Because if you’re everything to everyone, you’re nothing to nobody. ” —  Brad Herda 
  • “You may think your practice is unique and different than everybody else’s. And you’re right – it’s unique because it’s you. But what you’re dealing with isn’t unique to the industry.” —  Brad Herda
  • “It may involve investing some time upfront to create those processes, but then you reap the benefits forever and forever. It’s compounding interest.” —  Alay Yajnik




About Brad Herda:

Brad has been supporting and improving the lives of those around him for over 4 decades.  He has brought perspective and context into every role he has had.  Having been in manufacturing organizations for most of his adult career, he was able to forge relationships by learning what matters to people.  In doing so, Brad was able to master the art of change management and understand the importance of a multigenerational workforce. He finds ways to communicate how the big picture benefits themselves, their teams, their families, and their organizations.  Since starting his business in 2016, Brad has been able to support his clients to achieve continuous record-breaking results.


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