The Digitization of Law with David Zumpano and Guy Remond


In this episode, Alay, David, and Guy discuss: 

  • How the digitization of law is changing how we practice. 
  • What it means to digitize. 
  • Efficiency, delegation, implementation, and levels of digitization.
  • How Guidr can help your firm compete with the self-help websites. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • People don’t want to talk to you until they want to talk to you. And those people have become accustomed to looking online and communicating online. That’s the new expectation. 
  • Digitization and delegation will drastically improve a firm’s efficiency, freeing up the lawyer for more complex tasks. 
  • Guidr enables small and mid-sized firms access to new, younger generations. 
  • The future is now – lawyers need to make the mindset shift to allow for the digitization and evolving changes in the law field. 


Tweetable Moments:

  • “All growth is great, but if you can’t replicate yourself or replace yourself, then it’s just one giant hamster wheel.” —  David Zumpano
  • “There is a huge amount of opportunity, because these changes are coming and have arrived.” —  Guy Remond
  • “Attorneys are busy. Their greatest challenge is getting them to say, ‘I know I have a lot of stuff on my plate, but I need to digitize and I need to do that now and take the hit even though I’m really busy.’” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “It makes their law firm way more efficient. While they’re doing the really important stuff that requires human intelligence, they’re delegating the more simple stuff to computers.” —  Guy Remond
  • “That’s a real opportunity, particularly with staff so hard to find. The more that you can automate, it gives you the time and the bandwidth to really do what you do best.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “I’m excited to bring the law back into the center, not kicked off to the side by the big self-help websites. People need lawyers.” —  David Zumpano



About David Zumpano: 

Dave Zumpano was born and raised in Central New York, began his professional career with Price Waterhouse and graduated from Syracuse College of Law in 1992.


In 1995, The Estate Planning Law Center, founded by David J. Zumpano CPA, Esq., has served as a “model firm” for more than one thousand estate planning law firms nationwide based on his building of systems and processes for running a successful firm created by his application of reading The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber.


In 2000 Dave introduced to the Estate Planning Industry, the IPUG® Protection Trust, a whole new genre of trust for Asset Protection and Medicaid planning which was memorialized in his scholarly law review Irrevocable Pure Grantor Trusts: The Estate Planning Landscape Has Changed (Syracuse Law Review Vol. 1 Fall 2010). Dave was also published in 1994 for his expertise on Medicaid Planning in What Hard Work Giveth, the Nursing Home Taketh Away: Asset Preservation Under Medicaid (the Digest, 1994-95) and has written Estate Recovery; What can and can’t they get, which has been presented in many forums across the country. In 2015, Dave authored Protect Your IRA, Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes, a contributory book offering for Estate planning attorneys.


In 2001 Dave founded Medicaid Practice Systems, LLC (MPS) and is credited as the founder of the Medicaid Practice for lawyers in America which began with his innovative Medicaid Practice Program that taught estate planning and elder law attorneys how to add Medicaid planning to their practice. In 2012, Dave transformed MPS into Lawyers with Purpose, LLC where Dave continues to lead lawyers in Estate Planning, Elder Law and Asset Protection who hope to create efficient, profitable practice that Protect the personal and financial freedom™ of its members, their employees, clients and the community they all live in.


In 2013, Dave continued his innovations by providing the first cloud-based Law Practice management system integrated with documentation creation software for Estate, Medicaid and Asset Protection Planning law firms, transforming how to run a law practice and interact with clients technologically, which has been implemented by hundreds of law firms nationwide.


In 2021, Dave’s newest innovation, Guidr™, a digital, easy to use client interface platform was released to lawyers, once again changing the industry by digitizing how lawyers communicate with clients to meet the demands of the modern technological advancements consumers have come to expect. In October 2021, Dave and his technology partner, Guy Remond, co-authored; The Digitization of Law; How to transform technology disruptions into abounding opportunities, which provides the basis and support for the future of the law practice incorporating digital technology.


Dave has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio and is a regular speaker and trainer to many national, regional and local legal organizations, banking and financial institutions on estate planning, asset protection, Medicaid Planning and law practice management utilizing his cutting-edge technologies.


Dave’s first priority and passion is his wife, Christine, and their children, Maria, Olivia, and Angelo.



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