Starting a Firm with AJ Hart and Robyn Ginney


In this episode, Alay, AJ, and Robyn discuss: 

  • What an ideal law partner should have.
  • Starting a firm in the middle of a pandemic. 
  • Having the will to do the work that many people do not want to do. 
  • The importance of boundaries and perspective.  


Key Takeaways: 

  • The pandemic forced paper-based systems to go online. This has offered more remote options for lawyers and their staff as well as clients.
  • Giving your employees the opportunity to work remotely is an amazing benefit, and, often, they will still want to come into the office anyway.
  • Messy, difficult cases will help to keep your skills sharp.
  • When staffing up, it is important that your potential hires understand what type of firm you run and what they are going to be expected to do. 


Tweetable Moments:

  • “An ideal law partner should have unending patience.” —  AJ Hart
  • “The biggest advantage of being in a partnership is being able to trust the person that you’re with and know that they’re not going to tell you to do something that’s not going to be in line with your values.” —  Robyn Ginney
  • “If you wait for the perfect time, it is never going to come.” —  Robyn Ginney
  • “There’s nothing good about the pandemic, but some good things have come from it.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “The benefit to a junior associate is they’re going to get some fantastic training and some fantastic experience working at your firm.” —  Alay Yajnik



About AJ Hart and Robyn Ginney: 

Hart Ginney partners AJ and Robyn handle the messy, litigious, complicated family law cases. Robyn draws on her past experience in crisis counseling and deep psychology to work with clients who are trying to divorce spouses who have mental health issues that tend to complicate divorces; AJ is a Harvard trained mediator with over a decade of litigation experience handling cases that are often too complicated for other attorneys to want to handle.



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