One-on-One Coaching: The Most Effective Coaching Method

by Alay Yajnik
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The Problem:

Many reputable coaching programs rely on webinars, seminars, online forums, group chat, and online videos to deliver their coaching programs. But is it effective? However, for many attorneys, these programs often fail or under-deliver for the following reasons:

1. They take too long
2. They use a “one size fits all” approach
3. They do not provide enough support or accountability

The single fastest, most effective way to learn a new skill is to have an instructor teach it to you, one on one. Don’t get me wrong: webinars, group coaching, online learning…these tools are good supplements, but at the most effective coaching programs are built around one-on-one interaction. Think about it: music, sports, academics, and other areas where skill development is crucial…one on one coaching is the method of choice for all of these areas.

Why is One-on-One coaching more effective than other techniques?

One-on-one coaching focuses on the individual: their unique challenges, their personality, their strengths, and their motivations. A good coach knows the person, and has a trusted relationship with them.

Because the coaching is geared to the individual, the solutions and action plans that are created are customized to that individual. Rather than prescribing a single solution to a problem, one-on-one coaches have an array of techniques at their disposal, and they use the right technique for the right individual.

Yet few coaching programs are built around one-one-one coaching. If they offer it at all, it’s quite expensive (which should tell you something).

The reason so few programs rely on one-on-one coaching is that it’s not a good business model for them. One-on-one coaching is difficult to sell and deliver at scale. It’s also not as profitable as the alternatives.

At Lawyer Business Advantage, effective one-on-one business coaching is at the heart of everything we do. Through our partnership with FocalPoint Business Coaching, we have access to skilled business development coaches. We teach them the intricacies of the legal industry so that they deliver fast, exceptional results. And it’s true: we don’t make as much profit as others, but we
do all right 🙂

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