Niche Growth with Scott Rahn | Recap with Austin Tenette


In this episode, Alay and Austin discuss: 

  • What your elevator pitch is and what sets you apart from the thousands of other lawyers. 
  • The power of focusing on a niche. 
  • Understanding what you’re good at AND what you like to do. 
  • Being open to possibilities and building relationships. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Be able to describee your niche and why you selected that niche. 
  • Your clients want to work with experts. “Niching down” allows you to be the expert of an  area of law that you enjoy. 
  • If you are struggling to find your niche, consider working with a coach, advisor, or mentor. 
  • You cannot do the work of 600 people. As a leader, you have to let go and allow your team to do their jobs. 


Tweetable Moments:

  • “If you’re working with somebody who’s just dabbling in multiple areas, they never develop that deep domain expertise in a particular area.” —  Austin Tenette
  • “Not only is dabbling running the risk of malpractice, but it’s bad for marketing too.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “I’ve never heard of a niche that’s too narrow. If someone commits to a niche, and they genuinely love it, and there’s a business to be had, they will have it.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “The thing that we can never lose sight of in the professional services game is that it is more about chemistry than it is about technical skills.” —  Austin Tenette


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About Austin Tenette: 

Austin Tenette helps law firm owners re-think current practices and get clear on their visions for their firms. Austin helps his clients achieve law firm success by helping them identify what needs to change. It can be as simple as tweaking a few key performance indicators or as complex as embracing a full-blown business transformation. Then, Austin guides his clients to implement changes and reap the rewards. As a Certified Practice Advisor, Austin brings over 25 years of business development, management, and leadership experience in professional services. Austin holds an MBA from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.


Areas of Expertise:

Strategy, Business Development, Personal Productivity, Hiring and Management, Systems, Leadership, Starting a New Law Firm


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