New Partners, New Firm with Amanda Mulhall and Rob Withrow

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In this episode, Alay, Amanda, and Rob discuss: 

  • Taking the plunge to start your own firm and working with a new partner. 
  • Working with a coach as you start your own firm. 
  • Running a firm with multiple practice areas.


Key Takeaways: 

  • Be open and honest with your current firm about your transition to a solo firm. 
  • In order to scale, you have to add people, so get good at hiring.
  • When you begin working with a new partner, you will both have challenges and concerns that need to be addressed in order for the firm to succeed. 
  • Your firm will function well if you honestly communicate with your partner. 


Tweetable Moments:

  • “I had a really solid foundation of referral sources and connections in the business that would help launch me.” —  Rob Withrow
  • “I had been by myself for a while, and I developed my way of doing things. I knew that when we worked together, that would have to change.” —  Amanda Mulhall
  • “The important thing is finding the right partner.” —  Amanda Mulhall
  • “You’re never going to be 100% comfortable taking that leap because there’s security in the job that you have. So it’s just lining up as much as you can in advance to make sure that when you do leave, you’re able to start working right away because that’s going to feel good. ” —  Rob Withrow



About Amanda Mulhall & Rob Withrow: 

Amanda Mulhall is a partner at Mulhall Withrow. Her practice is focused on estate planning for young families with growing wealth and probate and trust administration. Amanda is a graduate of Boston University (’09) and New England Law Boston (’12). She has focused her career on estate planning since clerking for a solo practitioner in Boston as a law student and later as an associate. Amanda moved to a midsized firm in Wellesley in 2015 and later to small firm in Acton. Amanda opened The Law Offices of Amanda L. Mulhall in early 2019. She and Robert Withrow started Mulhall Withrow in 2022.

Robert E. Withrow is a partner at Mulhall Withrow. His practice is focused on family law, probate litigation and estate planning. Rob assists his clients from the inception of their case, all the way through to its resolution, whether that be settlement or trial. Rob is also able to assist clients in a Limited Assistance Representation capacity upon request. Rob is a graduate of Boston College and New England Law – Boston. He practices in the Probate & Family Courts of Norfolk, Middlesex, Worcester, Plymouth, Suffolk, Essex, Bristol and Barnstable counties.



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