Modern Recruiting with Richard Brock

In this episode, Alay and Richard discuss: 

  • Issues Richard saw with recruiters and how he’s made the change for his firm. 
  • Building a recruiting firm with the individual law firm in mind. 
  • How smaller firms can compete with larger firms when hiring an attorney. 
  • Richard’s best-selling book, Win the Talent Game:  A Guide to Lateral Hiring for Law Firms and Lawyers.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The majority of legal recruiting is done on a contingency basis. 
  • Small firms do have advantages that large firms don’t have – play on those such as your culture, the influence of each attorney, camaraderie, autonomy, and more. 
  • Legal recruiters work as brokers who should be serving both sides of the transaction. 


Tweetable Moments:

  • “The way our business model works, we really are a partner, we really are an extension of what of what they’re doing, and they are paying for that. But that’s what that’s why it works.” —  Richard Brock
  • “There are definite competitive advantages that smaller firms have. Don’t beat your head against a wall because you can’t compete as much on compensation, instead, emphasize where you do have advantages.” —  Richard Brock
  • “We have to serve both the law firms – they are our clients, but we also have to serve the talent, the candidates, because that’s really our product.” —  Richard Brock


About Richard Brock:

Richard Brock is an Amazon Bestselling author, an experienced legal search consultant, entrepreneur, law firm advisor, attorney career coach, and former practicing lawyer. He has founded several businesses in the legal industry, including 2 legal search firms. He has worked with dozens of law firms and corporate legal departments and hundreds of attorneys across the country. Brock’s companies have received numerous awards for growth and success, including the Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 awards for fastest-growing companies in America.


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