Marketing Out of the Box with Travis Lee

In this episode, Alay and Travis discuss:

  • How attorneys can successfully use direct mail, especially now.
  • Direct mail that looks different and creates a pattern interrupt in the mailbox.
  • The three pillars of direct mail success.
  • Where in the client lifecycle you can use direct mail.


Key Takeaways:

  • Direct mail can be more effective than an email campaign as people are getting more emails than ever before.
  • Successful direct mail marketing begins with your list.
  • Your offer needs to be relevant to your client’s situation.
  • Be different. Think about what will get your client to open your mail by putting yourself in their shoes.


Tweetable moments:

  • “When you think of marketing, the biggest hurdle is getting that message heard, read, or listened to.” —  Travis Lee
  • “If any of those three are off (the list, the offer or the creative), you will get less than stellar results, or maybe no results.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “Your initial offer should be like a piece of candy: it should taste really good, be super easy, and be kind of short.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “The biggest thing is, be committed to it, test it, try it, and just be different from all the other attorneys out there.” —  Travis Lee


About Travis Lee:

Travis Lee is internationally known as the expert in getting direct mail delivered, opened and read. As co-founder and president of 3D Mail, he generates huge returns for thousands of businesses each year who use his innovative and effective marketing strategies.

His unique, yet tested marketing methods have helped add millions of dollars in sales to a wide variety of businesses, from “kitchen-table-run” sole-proprietors, to National and Multi-National businesses mailing millions of pieces of mail a year.

His techniques and strategies move seamlessly between the business-to-business and business-to-consumer worlds and consistently provide positive returns of 200% to over 3500% for his clients.

Since 2008 he’s created some of the most successful direct mail campaigns, specifically designed to give small businesses and entrepreneurs a leg-up against the competition.

He is the creator of the 3D Mail Direct Marketing System, through which his company provides specialized direct mail and ready-to-use sales letters to thousands of clients around the world.

When he isn’t working, Travis loves spending time with his family (wife Jen, son Carson, daughter Whitney and Gold Retriever Kona), traveling, snow-skiing, camping, and boating around the beautiful Pacific Northwest.



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