Leadership Skills for Lawyers with Julie Entwistle

In this episode, Alay and Julie discuss: 

  • Running your firm, not being run by your firm. 
  • Working with a coach to make the changes you want with your life and business. 
  • Understanding your DISC personality profile and how it relates to others around you. 
  • Working through time management challenges and delegation. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • It is easier to throw yourself into your work 100% than to make changes in your practice to deliver to your clients and maintain the lifestyle you want. 
  • Build your business with intentionality. If you didn’t from the beginning, you can start now. 
  • Mirroring client or co-worker communication can help to strengthen relationships and retention. 
  • Delegation is a skill and a craft. It can be learned, but most people have to learn it because it doesn’t often come naturally. 

Tweetable Moments:

  • “A lot of it is breaking the cycle of routine behavior by finding more efficient ways to manage yourself and your business.” —  Julie Entwistle
  • “We are habitual human beings. Breaking some of those cycles through awareness is usually the first step.” —  Julie Entwistle
  • “We all communicate in a certain way, and we expect other people to communicate with us in the same way. Being able to adapt our communication style and change it to intentionally create a better experience is a learned behavior.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “We need people that work with us and on our team that have different skillsets, even if that means they work at a different pace, it still means that we’re freed up to do something at our pace.” —  Julie Entwistle
  • “Develop that self-awareness. Find a way to lift your head up and look around.” —  Julie Entwistle


Connect with Julie Entwistle: 

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Connect with Alay Yajnik: 

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