Business Development with Scott Beebe

In this episode, Alay and Scott discuss: 

  • How business development has been affected by the pandemic. 
  • Business development versus sales versus marketing. 
  • Categories of business development. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Every vision needs to be written down – if it isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist. 
  • Part of your vision needs to be your ideal client – this is based on 2 things: your best client ever, and the client you never want to work with again. 
  • Pricing is more important than many people expect – changing your mode of pricing may invite more business. 


Tweetable Moments:

  • “We do see this idea of sales or business development in the lens of those two, unique and conjoined systems of marketing and sales in that order.” —  Scott Beebe
  • “I just want to tell it to you straight – you’re in the sales business. Your role is as a salesperson, not a sleazy salesperson who doesn’t do what’s in the best interest of the client, but rather a consultative salesperson whose job it is to help the client solve their biggest challenge, which is why they’re talking to you. ” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “Who are your ideal clients, those ones you love to work with? And who are the ones that you don’t love to work with? Because once you’ve identified those, now you can begin to target your direction and your message to the people that those are best going to resonate.” —  Scott Beebe 


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About Scott Beebe:

Scott works with business owners and their key leaders building systems, processes, and purpose using the Business On Purpose Roadmap to liberate businesses from the chaos of working IN their business and help them get their lives back.

Scott walked on to a division-1 SEC football team with only one year of High School football experience and earned a full scholarship during his final two years. Moving to Texas after college with his new bride Ashley, Scott attended and graduated Theology school, then worked as a legal drug salesman for Pfizer selling Lipitor, Viagra, and other well-known products. Scott and Ashley planted two Churches, pastored one of them, and have been working in rural Nigeria since 2005 building a platform for sustainable partnership with Nigerians through a variety of sectors including business, finance, and agriculture.

Scott, Ashley, and their three children live in Bluffton, SC (outside of Hilton Head) and spend most of their time on the water!


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