Accountability Coaching with Ben Kirk

In this episode, Alay and Ben discuss: 

  • The value of accountability. 
  • Working with a coach to help identify priorities in your business. 
  • Why people don’t do what they know they should be doing. 
  • Having SOPs and actions for situations that will throw off your plans. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • Incremental improvements will result in substantial results. 
  • Clarity is king – if you know where you are going, it is easier to take the actions that need to be done. 
  • Habits and routines are a big part of accountability. 
  • Back briefing allows for all parties to be in alignment with the tasks that are being assigned. 

Tweetable Moments:

  • “When you’re really busy with a lot of balls in the air, it comes down to priorities.” —  Ben Kirk
  • “Procrastination gets a chance to sneak in when you don’t have absolute clarity on what your next step is.” —  Ben Kirk
  • “Lawyers, CEOs, and managers need to be able to delegate, you need to make sure it is done correctly.” —  Ben Kirk  


About Ben Kirk:

Ben Kirk is not your standard coach. He cares too much about his clients just to be ‘nice’ and refuses to be categorized as a business, executive, or even a life coach. Instead, he has created a niche as an accountability advisor and coach focusing on high performance and productivity. Also trained in military tactics and strategy, he gives direct, no-nonsense support and accountability to his clients, who range from CEOs to side-hustle entrepreneurs.

Ben’s mission is to demystify the science of success and cut through the ‘BS, fluff, and waffle’ of self-help with clear, actionable advice that will move the success needle for you. His mantra, ‘Do Better, Be Better, Win the Day’, sums up his philosophy of incremental self-improvement, no excuses, and a bias for action.


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