3 Techniques to Crush Your Next B.D. Meeting

In this episode, I share three powerful techniques that you can use to have more successful business development meetings and sign more clients.

Alay Yajnik: [00:00:01] In this episode of Lawyer Business Advantage, we’ll cover three powerful techniques that you can use to absolutely crush your next business development meeting and make steps forward towards signing that next client. Coming up next on Lawyer Business Advantage.

Alay Yajnik: [00:00:15] Welcome to Lawyer Business Advantage, your source for biz dev tips, wisdom and inspiration. I’m your host, Alay Yajnik. We’re unleashing your inner rainmaker in 3…2…1….

Alay Yajnik: [00:00:44] My name is Alay Yajnik and I’m a business development coach and trainer for Lawyer Business Advantage. Now, I don’t believe in the mystical art of rainmaking. I believe that there’s a rainmaker inside all of us, including you. The reason this podcast exists is to help you unleash your inner rainmaker through inspiring true stories, best practices and tips. So when we talk about getting ready for that big meeting with a potential client, you might think that we’ll be suggesting doing research, creating checklists and other prep work. Not today.

Alay Yajnik: [00:01:15] You see, business development is first and foremost a mental game. And there are so many ways to do it. Some people need lots of prep. Other people are best when they’re just winging it. So regardless of their individual style, successful rainmakers, all of them, have one thing in common: Confidence. It doesn’t matter what they say as much as how they say it. Their confidence is how they win over their clients. So here are two examples:

Alay Yajnik: [00:01:47] My name is Alay Yajnik and I’m a law firm growth expert. I work with attorneys like you to build their book of business faster than they could on their own so that they can earn more money and take the next step in their career.

Alay Yajnik: [00:02:01] Ok. Here it is again, a bit different.

Alay Yajnik: [00:02:04] My name is Alay Yajnik, and I’m a law firm growth expert. I work with attorneys just like you to build a book of business faster than they could on their own so that they can earn more money and take the next step in their career.

Alay Yajnik: [00:02:16] Same words, but the confidence is totally different. Who would you want to work with?

Alay Yajnik: [00:02:20] And here’s another example. Imagine you’re going in for a heart surgery like a triple bypass. It’s a pretty serious operation and you can choose from two cardiac surgeons and they’re talking to you about the routine. Here’s the first one.

Alay Yajnik: [00:02:37] “You know, I am really…I really think we can do this. I’ve had really good training. I’ve gone to some of the top institutions. I’ve graduated from Harvard Medical School, did my residency at Stanford. Now, I know this, but I should let you know, you know, you’re my first. So I think it’s going to work out OK.”

Alay Yajnik: [00:02:58] Here’s the second here’s the second version.

Alay Yajnik: [00:03:02] “Yeah, I know exactly what you need. We’ve done all the work. We’ve got a good game plan. I’ve done hundreds of these operations. I can tell you: With me, you’re going to be in really good hands. Should we get started?”

Alay Yajnik: [00:03:12] So who would you want to work with? Pretty straightforward, it’s about confidence.

Alay Yajnik: [00:03:16] So having a pre-meeting routine or some sort of warm up before you go into that client meeting helps you build that. The reason for that is you’ve got a really busy schedule, so oftentimes you’re bouncing out of one meeting and bouncing right into an important meeting with a potential client. So taking just a few minutes to prep gets you in the right headspace for that meeting and increases your chances of signing the client.

Alay Yajnik: [00:03:43] So let’s talk about now you’re pre-meeting routine. The thing is that different things work for different people. So rather than giving you one prescription, I’m just gonna give you a few ideas now. But it’s important to find out what works best for you. The key is that you’re at your most confident when you walk into that meeting with that potential client. Now, some of you are at your best when your energy level is really high. So you need to get pumped up, and a great way to get pumped up for a meeting is to listen to a playlist of tunes that gets you energized. Just be sure not to get too carried away. You’re meeting a potential client, not playing in the world championship, and too much energy can be a little scary.

Alay Yajnik: [00:04:22] Ok. Another technique is to use positive self-talk or mantras like, “I’ve got this.” “I’m a great attorney.” “This client needs my help.” “Let’s make it rain.”

Alay Yajnik: [00:04:35] Repeating a mantra out loud is incredibly powerful because if you don’t believe yourself the first few times you do it, you will after the first few dozen times you do. It may sound a little cheesy, but believe me, it does work. Now, if you’re like me, you’re at your best when you’re laser-focused and calm. So before the meeting, taking 15 minutes, just take 15 minutes to clear your head and play the meeting forward in your mind as if it’s happening and you’re watching it unfold like you’re watching TV. Pay attention to what the client says, how you respond and how you close the deal. Once you’ve done that a few times. Just meditate or empty your mind for about five minutes. At the end of that five minutes, you’ll be refreshed and you’ll be ready to go.

Alay Yajnik: [00:05:28] Remember, rainmaking is about projecting confidence to the client. For most of us, that doesn’t come naturally. So taking a few minutes to get ready for that big meeting with the P.C. can make all the difference. Now, I’ve given you a few ideas here today. Now it’s your turn. You can mix and match the ideas we talked about or you can build your own.

Alay Yajnik: [00:05:48] And that’s a wrap. To get more episodes, webinars and free stuff, visit lawyerbusinessadvantage.com. My name is Alay Yajnik. Thank you for listening. And remember, there is a rainmaker inside everyone, including you.

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