Erin Gigli and Laurie Rowen

Erin Gigli and Laurie Rowen

Partners, Freelance Attorneys

Erin Gigli and Laurie Rowen are the co-owners of Montage Legal Group. Montage Legal Group is not a law firm or a staffing agency; rather, it uses a unique business model to give law firms and legal departments access to a platform of independent contractor freelance attorneys that handle temporary or contract legal work remotely on an hourly or project basis. Montage handles administrative and billing tasks, allowing law firms and freelance lawyers to focus on legal projects. Whether a law firm needs law and motion work, business documents, or document review — or needs expertise in a specialty practice — law firms can turn to Montage to find the exact type of freelance lawyer they need.

Montage’s platform of freelance attorneys is the top of the “contract attorney market,” with impressive credentials from top law schools and prestigious law firms. Just as an artistic montage unites simple elements to create a beautiful art form, our “montage” of freelance attorneys unites with firms of all sizes to create excellent work product.

Law Firm Success Group is proud to partner with Montage Legal Group to fulfill its clients' needs for high quality temporary or contract legal work.

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