Leveraging Relationships with Mika Domingo | Recap with Austin Tenette

In this episode, Alay and Austin discuss: 

  • Leveraging personal and professional networks. 
  • Being a master listener. 
  • Identifying your network. 
  • What to say and do after you’ve made your network list. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • There are 3 levels of listening, and we want to be at that third level to become a master listener. 
  • Make deposits into your ecosystem without expecting something in return every time. 
  • Small asks can be a great introduction to strong resources and relationships. 
  • Have a lot of easy conversations, if there are multiple opportunities, great! But don’t have sky high expectations. 

Tweetable Moments:

  • “Who could be a resource to me as I go and become solo? Most people look for buyers as opposed to people that could be a resource.” —  Austin Tenette
  • “Oftentimes, your competition can be your best referral source.” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “You build professional networks by listening genuinely and trying to help” —  Alay Yajnik
  • “My definition of a trusted advisor is bringing information and trusted advice to your ecosystem.” —  Austin Tenette

Connect with Austin Tenette: 

Website: https://www.lawfirmsuccessgroup.com/team-members/austin-tenette/ 

Show Reference:

Law Firm Success Group Podcast Episode with Mika Domingo: https://www.lawfirmsuccessgroup.com/leveraging-relationships-with-mika-domingo/

Connect with Alay Yajnik: 

Website: LawyerBusinessAdvantage.com
Email: Alay@YajnikGroup.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alayyajnik

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